Introducing the Skybell

Imagine being able to answer your door from anywhere in the world. Imagine being able to answer your doorbell and not just see but even talk with whomever is t...

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Interactive Smart Home Security

Imagine a security system that didn’t just protect your family and home, but truly helped automated your house, turned off inside lights when you leave, adjusted the tempe...

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7 Recommendations on How To Avoid Being Broken Into

KSW news interviewed 86 burglars and find out what would deter them from breaking into a house.


1. Home Alarm with A Siren

When the burglars...

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Break-In Verification


In many communities throughout BC the police will not be dispatched in the case of a break-in unless a break-in can is verified. A break-in can be verified by s...

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Common Burglar Break-in Methods

According to “SafeGuard the World’s Security Statistics,” only 17% of homes in the United States have an alarm system. The numbers in Canada are most likely no...

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Basic Alarm System Settings

A Honeywell alarm system has 3 main programmed settings: off, stay, and away.

Off- Simply, the alarm is not armed. The security ...

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Vista 21 Quick User Guide

Arming the System

AWAY MODE, will arm the entire system, when leaving the house.

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Security Monitoring Options

Security Monitoring Options

There are three standard monitoring options for security systems: Landline, Internet, and Cellular.


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