Environmental Protection Options

Environmental Protection

Graydon Security offers environmental protection devices that can be integrated into a security system. The main benefit of these devices is t...

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New Skybell- 2 Way Communication Video Door Bell

SkyBell – 2 Way Communication Video Door Bell

A Skybell doorbell is a fully packed device. It comes with a high definition camera, two-way communication, motion ...

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Total Connect 2.0

Honeywell Total Connect 2.0

Security System Integration

Honeywell’s Total Connect is an interactive application for your security system. It ...

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Fundamental Alarm System Equipment

An alarm system is comprised of a variation of 4 different components. door and window contacts, motion detectors, keypads, and the control unit. All the contacts can be either ...

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Local People, Local Service
Expansion of services and security

At Graydon Security Systems, we are committed to evolving with technology as a security company, while remaining firmly grounded in our core values: Local Peop...

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Wired/Hardwired, VS Wireless

Hardwired devices are the preferred system for most home and business for a variety of reasons. Hardwired devices are often more reliable than wireless devices because they do n...

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