KSW news interviewed 86 burglars and find out what would deter them from breaking into a house.


1. Home Alarm with A Siren

When the burglars broke into a house and set the alarm off, the vast majority would flee as fast as possible. Other more experienced burglars said they would try and disable the alarms. If they were unable to, they would run. To help ensure that a thief is not able to disable the alarm a security system should be monitored over the cellular network and the control panel should be hidden.


2. Radio or TV Turned On

Most burglars would not break into a house if they heard a radio or Tv playing. They thought it was too strong of an indicator that someone was home.


3. Have A Visible Camera

This can be a real camera or a fake one just for show. Keep in mind that an experienced thief will be able to recognize if a camera is fake or real. Having a real camera can be a major deterrent because it increases the chance of the thief being identified and caught.


4. Have an Extra Car in The Drive Way

This helps create the image that someone is home.  In a burglar’s mind, this increases the risk of getting caught when breaking in.


5.Yard Maintenance

Keep the yard clean and maintained creates the impression that the house is lived in.  Burglars are more likely to target houses where the yard is a mess and the grass is overgrown. This is a sign that no one is home to look after it. Perhaps the owner is away on vacation or they have left the house.


6. Sufficient Lighting

 Interior lighting can be set up on timers to show that someone is home. Exterior lights are also important as burglars cannot get close to the entry points without being seen.


7. Locking Doors and Windows

Always keep the doors and windows locked when not home. Some windows have back up latches that should also be engaged.

When leaving doors or windows open, place a piece of wood in the track of the window or sliding door to limit how far they can be opened.