In many communities throughout BC the police will not be dispatched in the case of a break-in unless a break-in can is verified. A break-in can be verified by someone on site seeing and confirming the break-in or a camera showing that an unknown individual is in the building.

In some cases, personal verification can be a major hassle and potentially risky. If you are away from home or your business and the alarm goes off in the middle of the night, someone will have to go and confirm there is a break in. This would result in someone waking up, getting in their car and visiting the site. Not only does this involve a great deal of effort, but it can be dangerous. In the case that the burglar is still on site when you or your friend arrive they could potentially be physically dangerous. Many people still use this form of confirmation; however, since technology has advanced video verification has become a lot more common.

Video verification is verifying a break in with camera footage.  Traditional hardwired camera system are still the superior camera systems; however, for the main purposes of verifying a break in, WIFI cameras have made some great progress. They can be viewed remotely and save the footage. In the case of a break in, you would just have to check the recent camera footage to see if someone was in the building. This is significantly quicker than driving to the site and a lot safer than potentially running into a burglar.


Wireless cameras can be integrated into your alarm system’s interactive platform. In the case of a break-in, the platform would notify you and then you could check your camera to confirm a break in. Once confirmed the police can be dispatched