At Graydon Security Systems, we are committed to evolving with technology as a security company, while remaining firmly grounded in our core values: Local People, Local Service.

As part of our 45th year of operations, we are planning several new initiatives that will expand and enhance the services and security we offer to our clients.


Customer Payment System

We will be implementing a new billing platform on a secured network throughout our offices that will expand clients’ options for paperless invoices and statements, as well as expand both the ease and security of making payments. It will provide our field technicians access to complete client records as to more efficiently provide in-field services and solutions.

We will be sharing more details once we have the system implemented and operating. This won’t affect your rate or frequency of billing, and it will make it easier for you to set up an automated payment schedule.


Along with a vibrant new look, we have ensured that you have easy access to the contact information of your local office, and you can find many of the forms you might need are also available here. Check in and take a look at what’s new for your home or business, or learn the many ways we can help you secure and shape your life with new technology.


Let Us Help You

Each of our local offices has a dedicated customer service representative to answer your questions, change your call out procedures and codes, and make other changes to your alarm system. We are here for you. They can arrange for one of our technically qualified alarm installers on site if needed, or if you wish to make additions such as water detection devices, cameras, lighting controls, thermostat interfaces, or just enhanced intrusion coverage.

You can contact your local office Monday to Friday 8:30AM to 5:00PM. After hours, we maintain 24 hour

coverage by qualified technical support, but additional charges may apply.

Interactive Services

Interactive services are so much more than just turning your alarm system on and off. Now you can access thermostats, operate garage doors, turn lights on and off, get alerts when people come and go, and even see who is at the door–all from your smartphone or tablet. Add video and you can have that peace-of-mind to check on kids, pets, guests, and the state of your property from anywhere.

Cellular Services

As an increasing number of Canadians are cutting their landline telephone services, you may have to consider alternative communication paths for your alarm: either a broadband internet connection or a cellular communicator that transmits data across the cellular radio network.

Both choices likely require a new communicator on your alarm system. This cost can often be reduced when coupled with a system upgrade.

There is nominal monthly charge if you choose alarm monitoring by internet, but it is important that you realize the reporting would only be as reliable as your internet connection, and often is not backed up during power outages.

The alternative and more popular choice is using the cellular network for your alarm system to interface with our central station via a securely encrypted communication over the cellular network. For very little more a month*, you can add a battery backed up communication path that can’t be cut outside the home, and is independent of your internet connection or home router. This offers a much higher degree of security commonly used by commercial accounts and adds the interactive services via a smartphone interface.

Call and ask for details.

*Small monthly charge applies to cover the cellular network access charges levied by Telus/Bell/Rogers, and a cellular communicator is required.

Station Changes

To enhance security measures against cyber threat and better protect your data and critical systems, we have partnered with another local BC company who specialize in redundant ULC monitoring, Strategic Defense Inc. (SDI)** located in New Westminster, BC. Their skilled and dedicated IT specialists ensure your data is available to our service coordinators and technicians, yet always remains secure within our private security network here in BC.

The same local people in our local offices across the province will continue to work with you and your system to maintain services and your account data, but if you see a change in caller ID or email address with Strategic Defense Inc. (SDI), they represent a fully authorized subcontractor in the security services we provide you, and are our partner in protecting your family, your home, your business, and your property. Something we take very seriously, and will continue to expand security services where it makes you safer.

While the actual dispatching of alarms remains a small but critical part of the service we provide to you, it’s the local offices and dedicated people that draft and understand your account information that work in tandem with our partners to better allow us to protect people and property across the province. These changes not only enhance your security, they will allow us to expand and enhance the overall services we can safely and securely provide in a cloud environment, such as expanded video monitoring.

**Strategic Defense Inc. 443 Sixth Street, New Westminster, BC.