Our Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC)-approved Central Monitoring Station meets and exceeds the highest standards established within the industry. The physical redundancies of servers, work stations, alarm receivers, power supplies, backup generator, and documented record keeping are all part of what help us achieve this high annual rating.

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24 Hour Monitoring Station - 1-800-561-2288

CSID#: Central Station Identification # 

Think of this as your system address in our database. When provided, it gives our dispatchers immediate access to your account information. While we can and will use your name, address or telephone number to locate your file, it is much quicker and easier to use your CSID#.


This is not necessarily the PIN number you use to arm/disarm your alarm system. This is the word (or to some, a number) that identifies you as a valid user of the system and have the authority to cancel an alarm. Every user given a PIN number to arm/disarm the alarm should be given either their own password or a global site password so that we can verify they are authorized.

Emergency Service

We maintain and pay for alarm technicians to be available on-call to respond to emergency after-hour calls in most locations, but there are additional charges associated with onsite service made outside of normal business hours (Monday to Friday 8:00AM to 4:30PM) and holidays. If your service can wait until the next regular business day, then you can avoid these charges. This applies to warranty work as well.

Incident Reports

As much as our staff is highly-trained and highly-experienced, we still make mistakes. In a group effort to try and learn from these mistakes, we have implemented a quality control program in which all reported incidents are investigated by station management to determine the root cause. By drawing on the recorded conversations, the alarm data and interviewing the dispatcher, we can continually improve both our services and our training in our pursuit of excellence.

Request Service

To request service during regularly scheduled hours, contact your local offices or email the following: service@graydonsecurity.com. Ensure you include CSID# and contact number where possible.

Download Alarm Contact Update Sheet

Download a copy of our full terms and conditions, by which payment of any monitoring services will constitute acceptance in.