Today’s security systems offer a lot more than just 24-hour monitoring; today’s security systems are designed to enhance not only your security but your lifestyle and convenience. We can now integrate your security system with your smartphone or tablet, adding lighting controls, heating and cooling controls, and even IP-based web cameras so that you can remotely watch over your home and assets from afar.

Graydon Security offers the very best of industry-leading technology along with over 40 years of experience installing custom burglary and environmental devices in homes. A professionally installed alarm system in your home is an investment that not only protects your family and home, but increases your home’s value too.

Today’s alarm systems offer a lot more than just 24-hour monitoring:

  • Fully customizable full English language LCD display with touch screen which allows you to know exactly what is going on with your security system. 
  • High-quality, dual technology motion detectors designed to work even with pets roaming around the house. 
  • Water and temperature sensors to alert you to any flooding or freezing at your home.
  • Fire protection so we can dispatch the fire department at the first signs of smoke.
  • Integrate your alarm system with your smartphone or tablet and add lighting controls and heating and cooling controls.
  • Stream live video of your home to your smart phone. See the kids coming home from school or look in on service providers.

Honeywell Lyric Alarm System
DSC Neo Alarm System


Our security systems are able to be set up to be pet-friendly for up to 100lb.

What this means is that you can have your animal roaming the house while you are away, and the motion detectors would not detect them due to their anatomy. However, in the event of an intruder entering your home, the system is able to differentiate and sound the alarm.


Fire not only threatens your property but also your safety. This is why we offer state of the art fire alarm systems and 24 hour monitoring of such systems.
We can tie into many existing 120V smoke detectors or install our low voltage smoke detectors. In the event of a fire, our monitoring station operators will received the alarm and will be able to dispatch the fire department - getting help to you as quickly as possible, even if you are not on the premises. 

Water and temperature sensors

Water damage can be extremely destructive to your property. A broken pipe, loose fitting, or leaky hot water tank can cause major damage in just minutes. Water sensors can alert you to the presence of water in strategic locations throughout your home or office.
Failure of a furnace in the winter time can cause pipes to freeze and burst. A well placed temperature sensor can notify you or your property reference before freezing levels are reached, so the issue can be addressed before it becomes a major problem.

A personal medical alarm helps promote independent living and peace of mind knowing your family members are safe and that help is just a button push away.
When pressed, the waterproof pendant will transmit a signal to the central monitoring station and open two-way voice communication. It can be worn as a necklace or around the wrist and is also available as stationary buttons to be installed throughout your home, especially in the bathroom as over 70% of falls in a home occur there.

Two-way voice communication
Fall detection
Inactivity monitoring
Customized medication reminders
Medication compliance
Customized health test reminders
Wellness verification & socialization
Hands free phone communication

Imagine being able to interact with your alarm system from the other side of the city, country or even world! This exciting new technology allows you to arm or disarm, check on the status and receive alarms and notifications from your system directly on your smartphone, tablet or computer as long as you can access the internet. But that's only the beginning. Interactive web control can

  • Turn lights on and off
  • View and control thermostats
  • Unlock doors
  • Allow you to view live video of your premises

It’s never been easier to integrate your security and these enhanced features, to allow your alarm system to truly complement your lifestyle as well as your security. As a parent you might want to know when the kids come in after school, or just make sure the door is locked. We have clients that are creatively using the advanced features to better support an aging parent’s stay in their own home by receiving alerts should a certain pre-scheduled event not occur. For example, they don't use the kitchen in the morning or take required daily medicine. 
Ask us about creative solutions such as scheduled lighting controls, or even just linked to your alarm status. We are here to create and implement creative solutions to meet your needs.

Examples of Graydon Interactive using the platform.
Examples of Graydon Interactive using the Honeywell Total Connect platform.



Digital Video is changing the modern security landscape. The advent of HD-quality digital video that followed the analog-to-IP systems changed how we see images and how they are used in protecting businesses.

Wide angles and high resolution allow us to capture more with fewer cameras, and streaming video has allowed it all to happen in real time.

Video Verification is where live and recorded video is immediately used in the event of an alarm to verify if there is a physical response needed. This could  prevent the loss of expensive goods from a construction site or work yard as the intruders will be detected while still on site and not just the next day when it is too late.

Video Analytics is where software built into the camera itself can now identify a person or vehicle and ignore everything else. “Between the hours of 7:00PM and 7:00AM, send notification if a vehicle or person enters the compound” is now possible, and while it may record everything else, your system only notifies you when the assigned rule is met. Example of Video Analytics

The best evidence is always catching the act in progress, not the next day when the damage is already done, and all you have is a picture of limited value.

In the commercial sector, Digital Video is now evolving to be about site safety, accountability, and due diligence against liability in a way that makes it as much a management tool as it was just a security tool in the past. Let us show you how to get the most out of your investment.

Smartphone, tablets, and browser access have changed who and how we use video, and will only continue to drive innovation. Graydon Security is committed to helping you integrate innovation into your security.

Graydon Security monitors your alarm system from a state-of-the-art ULC approved monitoring station.

  • Get connected and stay connected; monitor your alarm via a telephone line, an Internet connection, or a higher degree of security, a digital cellular connection. We cover all options securely and safely.
  • The monitoring of your alarm system is now accomplished using advanced software amid secure, redundant systems which allow us to custom-tailor our responses, and dispatch to responding authorities, according to the type of alarm received, along with the notification to you and or your designated property representatives.
  • Critical to today's security is a vast investment against the many online threats that exist. Our job is to keep you secure from them, be it with encryption, redundancy protection, firewalls, or extensive and ongoing contingency planning against any form of threat, physical or online. Graydon Security is committed to working with the very best resources available to ensure your data remain secure.
  • Two-way-voice allow you to speak directly with our monitoring station through your alarm system. Ideal in certain care situations.
  • Video Verification and Video Analytics are providing the next generation of enhanced security, allowing you to see what is happening in real-time.

No telephone line? No problem. Many of our clients are cancelling telephone services to their homes or properties in favour of a broadband connection. We will have you covered and have two options available.

IP monitoring through your home/business internet connection
This technology allows us to monitor your security system through your home or business internet connection. This can be  wifi or hardwired connection. This connection allows you the use of the Total Connect or app for remote control of your system including viewing of video recorded on site. Phone/Internet cables can still be cut (intentionally, or accidentally) leaving your premise without active monitoring. Should your home broadband router not be thoroughly backed up with battery back-up, you will lose the internet when power is out, and thus your connection to the outside world. 

GSM cellular monitoring
We do however suggest that for security and safety reasons, you consider allowing us to use a cellular communicator to transmit signals to and from the central station, mainly because of their reliability against physical line cuttings of your phone or internet connections, but also for their advantage in the event of a power outage. The cellular communicators are equipped with a back-up battery allowing for monitoring services hours into a power outage.

A Graydon cellular back-up will be your only link to emergency services in a power outage, at precisely the time you need it most. It’s a digital service (not voice) using the cellular network infrastructure of major providers, and represents only a small added monthly charge, typically no more then $15.00. This fee we forward to the network provider (Telus/Bell/Rogers) for access to their network on your behalf. Still far less than an actual telephone line would cost you, and far better security level. These cellular data services are what enable much of the interactivity to your alarm from your smartphone.

Get smart, cut the cord and save. But at the same time get more out of your alarm system with a cell back-up.